Thank you for your interest in participating in this Township of Wilmot Values Consultation.

The Township Strategic Plan is the crucial path forward for Wilmot. Founded upon the achievements of previous plans, with the election of a new Council in late 2018, it is once more timely to review and recreate the plan to take the Township through 2022.

Foremost is the re-establishment of the crucial Values from the Community to ensure that these principles guide all aspects of the plan, guarding and enhancing the many positive aspects of living in Wilmot. You, the Community, are the sole source of these Values and we need your input. The Community Values Workshops were held on June 17/18 but there are many more, equally valuable, means by which to participate.

To begin our online consultation, please click the 'Begin Consultation' button below. This consultation should take only a few minutes but please provide as much information as you wish since it will all be valuable in our process.

If you would like to review the existing Township of Wilmot Strategic Plan (2013) then please click here:

To ensure a fully transparent process, the Township has retained an experienced community facilitator, WCM Consulting, to assist us in this project. While aggregated results of the information will be published, the individual responses will not; only the consultants will, necessarily, see the origin of any information received. Further, all information collected will be kept in compliance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

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To stimulate your thoughts here are some composite examples of the Values expressed by other communities. These may not be your Values or they may form a part of your Values.

“My Community will…

  • Guard and enhance the natural environment in which we live
  • Keep all types of pollution to a minimum: air, water, noise, light
  • Be prosperous
  • ...